Björkbacken is a unique familydriven accommodation facility with hotel, cabin village, camping, restaurants and different activity areas. During fall, winter and spring the hotel changes into a business and conference center. Right next to our facilities you will find a big playground, a waterpark with pools for the children and a 12 hole miniature golf course. During summer season Cajsas food and Café is open, just like Lovisas pizza. We also have barbeque areas for our guests. In our strive to offer options Cajas has more vegetarian meals, vegan ice cream and more healthy food along with hot dog and french fries. 


Our rooms
Each of our rooms tell a story of a unique character that lived around Astrid Lindgren as she grew up in this area. Many of these people inspired her and later became characters in her stories.

We have room types for different needs and requests. Our economy rooms for you who want a modern and clean room but don´t mind a small space for a lower cost, we have standard room with a queen size bed and a business room which is more spacious for meetings and conversations. If you want a jacuzzi and a luxourious touch you can stay in our junior suite or the sheer romantic room.

One room tells the story of the one armed Drifter Jocke Kis, the Thief Johan Samuel Lif that sold stolen goods to unsuspecting residents of the village Lönneberga, or the Broom Saleswoman Wood-Sarah that time after time wandered the 70 kilometers to her hut in the woods dispite the fact that the authorities all the time came to get her and drove her back to the town Rumskulla. The Brothers Phalén became the inspiration to the Brothers Lionheart as Astrid Lindgren saw a grave stone with the inscription "Here rests the tender brothers Phalén".

The Collector Nisse Stolpe lived along with seven persons in an area of 8 square meters in Vimmerby and gathered all the time all kinds of items that he found, we have another room that tells the story of the woman who inspired Astrid Lindgren to the character Krösa-Maja in the stories of Emil of Lönneberga. She was called The Storyteller Marie of Vendeladal and Astrid came as child often to her home to her creepy stories. Every room in our hotel tells the story of a person with a most interesting story.

At our hotel you are invited to an exciting mix of history and cosiness!


Award winning
The hotel is an award winning unique environment steeped with history about different characters living around the author Astrid Lindgren as she grew up in the area. The owner Micael Glennfalk has received several awards, both from Vimmerby and from the king of Sweden for his entrepreneurship. Micael founded the hotel 2007 and works full time with his wife Helene. The hotel is modern with a homey atmosphere, driven by a family with an ambition of great service, a personal touch and an over all positive experience. 

Our restaurant is leased to chef Kjell Karlsson. His great cooking is famous in the area and the restaurant serves homemade meals all year.


Björkbacken strives towards a sustainable organisation. Large amounts have been invested in geothermal heat and over 500 solar panels to save energy and provide heating for the hotel and pool area. A new carport has been build with 10 charging parking lots for electric cars.

We offer a variety of food options on site, Cajsas carry vegetarian meals, vegan icecream and other healty options. Cajsas also serve both hamburers and hot dogs. Lovisas pizza offer pizzas freshly made. 

Our playground is the largest in the area with lots of fun for kids and it is free of charge for our hotel and camping guests. We also have a miniature golf course and a water playground for kids, to an additional fee but with the option of a discounted family ticket to the water park for the whole stay. 

Welcome home to Björkbacken!